Saturday, January 25, 2014


Oh Yuma, I have a love-hate relationship with you. Weather wise, wise, love. I remember the first time my husband took me to Yuma to meet his family he also took me to Juanita's, which is a food truck located on 8th Street. Whether we're visiting family or spending the weekend at the dunes, we always try and make it a point to have lunch here. Our last trip to the desert we came into town and took our friends to Juanita's. When I say the best shrimp cocktail, I mean it. Most cocktails I eat always need more lime, clamato juice or salt, this particular one doesn't need a drop of anything except maybe a little hot sauce. 

The other item on the menu I LOVE is the breaded shrimp taco's. We love it so much my husband came up with his own version. 

If your driving down the 8 East freeway exit 4th Avenue but make sure you get there before dark they close pretty early!

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