Thursday, December 31, 2015

The 2016 Foodienista

I started this blog 3 Years ago to share my love for reviewing restaurants in my travels. At that time I had a 2 year old named Jayden, was a stay at home mom and was able to travel with my husband in the States wherever work was needed for him. 3 Years later that boy is now 5 and I have since then had two more little miracles, 2 year old Jaxon and 8 month old Leilah. We Currently live in Warrenton Virginia which is about 40 minutes from DC.

I have not written in this blog for quite some time, during each of my pregnancies my palate was just not the same, I hated the smell of bacon for goodness sake! Now, 8 months postpartum I am ready to continue this journey of mine with you.

Im so excited to tell you my new plans for 2016. I will still be reviewing restaurants, but my main goal this year is going to be Recipes. I have quite the obsession with cooking and get questions all the time so this is where I will be putting my personal masterpieces ;) for you.

I hope you all enjoy and would love your feedback if you try any of my recipes.

Cheers and Happy New Year,


Monday, February 24, 2014

Pats King of Steaks

Heading to Philadelphia for the day we couldn't decided whether to visit Geno's or Pats for lunch. They are right across the street from each other and both very popular but Pats King of Steaks claims to have invented the world famous Philly Cheese Steak in 1930, so we decided to dine there. There were different options as far as toppings but we decide to try the basic cheese steak with cheese wiz and onions. It was delicious but I feel it needed more cheese so I would recommend getting extra cheese on the side for dipping. 

They also had a buffet of Chili's to choose from. The red whole cherry peppers were my favorite it tasted like a spicy peperoncini. Keep in mind it is only outdoor seating so if you come in the winter bring your jacket and gloves :) and don't forget it's cash only!
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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Oh Yuma, I have a love-hate relationship with you. Weather wise, wise, love. I remember the first time my husband took me to Yuma to meet his family he also took me to Juanita's, which is a food truck located on 8th Street. Whether we're visiting family or spending the weekend at the dunes, we always try and make it a point to have lunch here. Our last trip to the desert we came into town and took our friends to Juanita's. When I say the best shrimp cocktail, I mean it. Most cocktails I eat always need more lime, clamato juice or salt, this particular one doesn't need a drop of anything except maybe a little hot sauce. 

The other item on the menu I LOVE is the breaded shrimp taco's. We love it so much my husband came up with his own version. 

If your driving down the 8 East freeway exit 4th Avenue but make sure you get there before dark they close pretty early!

La Sierra Cafe - National City

This next restaurant is a local spot I have been going to since I was in the womb. La Sierra Cafe located in National City is where my family likes to go to on a Saturday or Sunday morning for the best menudo in town. It's been family owned since it opened in 1981 and most of the servers have been there since I was a little girl. I love that I now can take my own family and I hope the tradition continues with my boys. I only have had two dishes on the menu because I can't get enough of them. 

The menudo, always fresh not fatty (unless you request the pata of course) and the beef tacos. The best menudo and the best beef taco in my book! Incase you are wondering what menudo is it's.....don't get scared....beef stomach (tripe) and hominy. If your looking to try it for the first time I would absolutely recommend coming here! I love to top the menudo with fresh onion, cilantro, lemon, sprinkled with crushed oregano and crushed red chili peppers accompanied by a rolled up corn tortilla. The taco is crispy and full of flavor fried to order with lettuce, tomato and finally topped with creamy shredded jack cheese. I love to eat this over my menudo bowl, the bits and pieces that fall into the bowl are my favorite. 

Beware, if you do go on Saturday or Sunday morning there will be a line out the door which is always a good sign. Another awesome thing about La Sierra Cafe is that they allow you to bring in your own pot for takeout. My parents would often bring a pot home and we would eat menudo in our pajamas. I hope this post urges you to take a visit soon whether it's to taste the menudo or cure your hangover. ;)

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sushi Ota - San Diego

I cannot believe it has been months since my last post but I guess being pregnant is not the best time to be reviewing food. My palate is just not the same right now, one minute I can’t stand the smell of bacon being cooked and the next, well I’m craving it wrapped around a hot dog. So today I decided to write a review on my very last sushi experience before finding out I was pregnant.
One afternoon my husband and I were in Pacific Beach here in San Diego at the Ford dealership. We decided to take a break from the stress of car shopping and get a bite to eat. Lucky for us I already had Sushi Ota in mind for lunch since we were literally across the street. Everyone I have talked to has nothing but good things to say about this spot and so do I. The only negative is location; if I was driving around looking for a sushi restaurant I absolutely would have avoided Sushi Ota just for the fact that it’s connected to 711. Other than that the food is phenomenal, fresh and full of flavor. My favorite roll had to be the Diego Roll its a spicy tuna roll topped with a cupful of chopped serrano’s oh so ahhh-mazing! I can honestly say their spicy tuna is the best I have had in San Diego. I hope if you are in the San Diego area you stop by Sushi Ota it’s by far in my top 3 San Diego Sushi Restaurants. Below are pictures of the Diego Roll with a Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Crunch Roll and the Terryaki Chicken plate.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eataly - New York

I am so excited to finally share my experience at this amazing place in New York City called Eataly. I feel that this place is a little taste of what Italy would be like. Eataly has Markets with imported cheeses, meats, fresh fish, wine, pasta, you name it, they have it. They also have 7 sit down Italian restaurants and 2 counters to purchase small bites as well as a cooking school.
I know what you’re thinking, its heaven right?  I would have liked to dine at one of their amazing restaurants but we did not have reservations and the wait was over an hour. We decided to eat at La Piazza which is the only first come first serve restaurant in Eataly and is standing tables only. They serve mostly small appetizer type dishes so keep that in mind. Eataly has an incredible atmosphere and is a must if you’re in New York. If you get a chance I hear that Birreria, their roof top restaurant, is great!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sinatra at the Encore - Las Vegas

As 2012 comes to an end, my husband Jorge and I decided to end the year with a bang in none other than Sin City. Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities to dine in and our first night there Jorge wanted to surprise me with dinner. I had no idea where we were going and as soon as we walked in and I saw the name Sinatra, I had the biggest smile on my face and just about fell to the floor. I had no idea there was a restaurant dedicated in memory of Frank Sinatra, who, if you haven’t already noticed, is my absolute favorite (thanks to my mom). When you walk in you’re surrounded by pictures and memorabilia of Ol’ Blue eyes and the sweet sound of his voice is playing during your entire dining experience. The service was nothing short of wonderful and the food was just the same. For an appetizer we decided on the Carpaccio. Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, salsa verde, wild arugula with shaved parmesan and croutons. This was my first time having croutons on carpaccio and it was a fantastic change. For dinner our server recommended the Ossobuco “My Way” which is braised veal ossobucco with risotto milanese and gremolata; he mentioned they braise it for hours so I was excited to try it. The flavors were amazing and the meat so tender and delicate. Jorge can never say no to a filet so when the server mentioned the specials he decided on the 10oz Filet Mignon which was accompanied with asparagus and mashed potatoes. He was a happy and full man that evening. At the end of our meal we received a CD of Steve Wynn’s (the owner of Encore and the Wynn in Las Vegas) favorite Sinatra songs; it was a pleasant touch at the end of the evening. Sinatra is definitely on the pricey side but if you are a fan of Frankie or even if you’re not and want to go to a beautiful restaurant this is the place.